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Scentsy Skin Care Products

Indulge in amazing body care and fragrance products from Scentsy that are composed of lavish ingredients designed to keep skin silky-soft, supple and magnificently scented. Available in different fragrances. Order online and your products will be shipped right to your door! If you prefer you can order over the phone by calling me at 1-888-559-2763.
Scentsy Fine Fragrance Rollers

Scentsy Fine Fragrance Rollers
Use Scentsy perfume along your pulse points or wherever you wish to add a touch of scent to your person. Each roller is 10 ml and comes in a variety in fragrances.
Scentsy Velvet Hand Cream

Velvet Hand Cream
This ultra-rich, nourishing hand cream softens and soothes your skin, leaving hands super soft and beautifully scented. Each tube contains 59 g of cream and is available in a bunch of different scents.
Scentsy Whipped Body Soufflé

Whipped Body Soufflé 
This product will let you indulge your desire for exquisitely scented, smooth skin with this fantastic whipped body soufflé. Each tub is 235 g and is available in popular fragrances.
Scentsy Moisturizing Body Bar

Moisturizing Body Bar  
This Scentsy moisturizing body bar is soap-free and is infused with exclusive fragrance as well as toning, conditioning botanical extracts and blue lily to balance and instantly hydrate your skin. Available in a few popular scents.
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