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Scentsy Products For Kids

Now kids can enjoy wonderful Scentsy products with our collection specifically made for them! Buy products for kids online and your products will be shipped right to your front door! If you prefer you can order over the phone by calling me at 1-888-559-2763.
Scentsy La Habana Collection
Scentsy Sidekicks For Kids

Scentsy Bath Smoothie

Bath Smoothie
Scrubby Buddies - Scentsy Kids

Scrubby Buddies 
Buddy Clips - Scentsy Kids

Buddy Clips  
Warmers - Scentsy Kids

Kids Warmers   
Bars - Scentsy Kids

Bars For Kids    
Scent Paks - Scentsy Kids

Scent Paks
Buddies - Scentsy Kids

Scentsy Buddies
Diffusers - Scentsy Kids

Scentsy Diffusers For Kids
Diffuser Natural Oils - Scentsy Kids

Natural Oils For Kids
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